Gallery & Media

Here's a visual insight into our sustainable waste management solutions and the coverage of our impactful initiatives.


VR Live News

VR Live News, a Gujarat-based news and entertainment channel extensively covered Duro Green’s journey. Our CEO, Nishank Shah, also appeared in the featurette and spoke about how Duro Green was conceived, their operations and services, and the road ahead.


NDTV, one of the country’s largest news broadcasting companies, has closely tracked Duro Green’s journey from its inception to its current status. The comprehensive featurette also showcased the range of services provided by Duro Green and featured an insightful conversation with our CEO, Nishank Shah, addressing the challenges and obstacles that lay ahead.

The North Lines

The NorthLines, an esteemed independent newspaper focusing on developments in Jammu and Kashmir, provided extensive coverage of the installation of Duro Green’s waste composting unit at the Swami Vivekananda Boys Hostel, University of Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir.

The Economic Times

The Economic Times, the world’s second most widely read English-language business newspaper, featured Duro Green’s CEO, Nishank Shah, in an article that explores the success stories of entrepreneurs who ventured out of their family businesses to pursue their individual endeavours.